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dss Device and Network Requirements

Devices Desktop, Laptop, Tablet: Administrator & User (web browser) Tablet and Smartphone: User (mobile app)
Minimum Operating System Desktop and Laptop: Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.8 Tablet and Smartphone: iOS 8, Android 6, Windows 10
Web Browsers All Devices: Latest version of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari Settings: Pop-up blocker disabled
Internet Speed Recommended: 100 MBPS Minimum: 5 MBPS
Screen Resolution Desktop, Laptop, Tablet: 1024x768 px Smartphone: 720x1280 px
Other Applications Latest versions of Java, Active X
Firewall Whitelist Wildcard URLs: *.claritynet.com, *.kaltura.com, *.coastalflix.com,*.stopdatapro.com, *.dsslearning.com, *.consultdss.com Specific URLs or IP addresses are available upon request.
  • Operating under a thin client environment, Citrix, VPN, or other terminal services, is not supported.